International Speaker on Business, Sales, Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Having successfully helped a number of businesses achieve outstanding results, Tristan Griffiths now speaks on a number of topics to help wider audiences  including;

  • Productivity
  • Team Building
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Selling

With the personal motto :

I selfishly want to help everyone

Tristan is open to opportunities to share from local networking to stadium capacity & everything in between.

Digital Media MArketing & Business Systems StratEgy consultant

Helping business owners and entrepreneurs to build world class teams, increase productivity, and deliver digital & offline marketing that really gets results.

Drawing on his experience across both his own as well as other businesses and brands, Tristan Griffiths has been responsible for creating and implementing strategies and marketing that has reached millions of people, and generated £100,000’s

Why not arrange a call with Tristan today to see how he can help you achieve your business and personal goals quicker than ever before. 

Consulting one-to-one and training teams are just two of the great ways Tristan Griffiths transforms companies and organisations.

Professional Published & Google Trusted Photographer

With a passion for capturing the moment, Tristan Griffiths has over a decade of events photography experience, having worked alongside a number of global brands such as Ministry Of Sound, Merlin Entertainments, Microsoft & artists such as Ed Sheeran, Newton Faulkner, Tinnie Tempah amongst many more.

This also drove Tristan to focus in on the fast paced LIVE publishing of images in other industries, and even earned him work featured by some notable influencers, including Gary Vaynerchuk (@GaryVee), Grant Cardone, and for presitigious events such as TEDx.

Tristan has also had work published in magazines and even been featured at the Louvre in France.

That recognition extends to his accreditation as a Google Trusted Photographer too. 

Hopin - Virtual Event

Direct message feedback on my fast & innovative Social Media content creation from the team at Hopin virtual events platform at one of their recent conferences

Event media & digital marketing

A 'flawless service' delivering extra and including the personal touch to all clients across the Uk and abroad 

event Speaker

Public feedback from attendees at a regional business marketing event I spoke at recently, praising the instantly actionable tips from my specific talk at the event

Digital Media Consultation

Public feedback on a 1-2-1 consultation to help increase the effectiveness of clients digital marketing efforts

event Speaker

Highly praised as 'Life Changing' effects of the content I deliver when speaking at business networking events across the UK & abroad

event photos

Event photography feedback about the way I focus on helping to capture moments & making them memories that last - importalised in digital imagery

Amazon Best Selling Sales Author

Getting a number one would be good, but Sales Genius #1 topped FIVE categories and sat alongside some highly acclaimed authors and titles such as Simon Sinek's Start With Why, and The Way Of The Wolf - Jordan Belfort to name a couple.

If you are looking for someone to help train your team to improve their Lead Generation,
to close more deals and make more sales, then speak to Tristan Griffiths about how
they can perfect the art of Social Selling : The art of selling without selling! 

Whether it's smaller in-house team training, or delivering from stage to packed out
conference rooms, Tristan Griffiths always reverse engineers success and
customises the training to deliver the very best results every time!


Topping Sales Techniques and bumping
The Wolf Of Wall Street off the top spot!


Topping Business & Finance category
sat alongside Simon Sinek


Topping Marketing & Sales category
just one of FIVE number one spots


Topping the Call Centre Managementcategory
A useful Sales training guide that also topped
Business & Finance Reference

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