Tristan Griffiths here, #ImTristanG across all of the socials, coming to you today with another #8at8.

What I want to talk to you about today is all about how you need to focus in on providing the very best customer experience. One of the only ways you can do that is to ensure that you have a CRM system in place. That is a customer relationship management system.

What is it all about?

If you don’t know, if you haven’t got one or maybe you have just been bumbling along, there’s a whole number of different ways you can do this.

Obviously, in its most basic form, this is an address book. This is their contact details. This is maybe a spreadsheet that you’ve got details in about your customers.

Now under GDPR obviously it’s advisable that you have a much more solid and robust system in place, however you can start out doing things slightly differently.

Obviously, it’s important to watch your budget for this, but it’s a wise spend easly on.

Now one of the things that you need to be aware of is that the more information that you actually can find out about your customers, actually allows you to provide a better service to them.

When you know more you can serve people better.

If you’re in a position where you’ve got a basic piece of software, it will do some of the lifting for you. Obviously the more you invest into the platform, the more you will get out of it.

One of the things that is really important is that you are tracking things in your business.

With your customer relationship management system, what are you doing currently to find out how you can better serve people? What do they need? Where are they based? What’s the best way to communicate with them?

All of these factors are things that you need to consider when looking at how you’re managing your customer relationships. Obviously, a customer relationship management system allows you to do just that.

Over the next eight minutes, this #8at8 is all about me sharing eight minutes of knowledge with you around a specific topic that will help you, and obviously if you get benefit from this please do tag a friend below, hit the share button, as this is me just giving away some knowledge and sharing a couple of ideas with you.

Customer relationship management systems are super powerful.

We use a product called Pipedrive, which is absolutely fantastic. Really really high value. Dependant on what level you’re at in business, and team size, it starts from just £12-15 to get in at the base level.

This service and software, allows us to fill in information about our customers. Their contact details, create deals – what project we’re currently working on.

Don’t get caught up on the names and the terminology as these will change dependant on which software you choose to use, however, the underlying emphasis is the same.

It’s important that you’ve got details about your customers. The more information that you can collect and keep about your customers the better! As then you will be able to serve people better.

Think about it, from that point of view it is a better way to serve people.

A really good example is when we use a product called Pipedrive, it allows us to actually customize everything within it.

I use it on my mobile, I use it on the computer, and what it does is awesome.
I’ll give you an example – We’ve just started working with a new client, and I can put in their contact details. So when I get their business card, I can add in their name, their business, their contact email. Their phone number and that will be the base level for their entry.

We’ve actually created other fields that we think are really important to us better serving our customers. Things that are a little bit more personal, like when is their birthday? When is their anniversary? When are their holidays?

Here is the clincher for why we do that, and why we expand things out.
We care about the people that we deal with.
We are all about providing the very best experience.

I’m from a hospitality background, and so obviously I want to create that amazing buzz around the people that we deal with.
Whether that is our team. Whether that’s our suppliers. Or whether that is our customers.

We actually use it to track lots of different details on an ongoing basis..

If someone’s birthday is coming up, obviously you can do something nice for them, and you can really deliver that wow factor to someone by actually caring and knowing these little details. If you don’t know when their birthday is, you can’t do that!

Obviously Facebook, other platforms, are starting to nudge you that way. Wouldn’t it be great to have a system that set you up so that you can surprise, wow and amaze your customers ahead of time! So that you can be prepared to do the very best, rather than a quick afterthought as you find out on the day.
Literally the more detail you track and know the better.

Imagine going for coffee with people and remembering their coffee order. I don’t expect you to remember everyone’s coffee orders, but if you have a CRM system you can ‘remember’ that maybe they prefer their coffee black. That then actually allows you to provide a world-class service whenever you are dealing with them.

But you can only do that if you have got the information to hand when you need it.

You get bits of information in dribs and drabs, the same way Facebook’s advertising platform has been built so big and so powerful. It has been lots of little bits of information that have over time, been stockpiled so that they can deliver ads to you that are based around all those little bits of information.

Knowing what people like to eat, what teas and coffees…
But here’s an absolutely crucial one;

No matter what CRM system you’re using, I think you should include into that detail about your customer – Where do they like to communicate best?

Is it a phone call? Is it an email? Would they’d rather receive a text message?

How can you best serve them, where they want to be communicated with.

Remember, the more you care about them, the more you do for them, the better your relationship becomes with them.

So I highly advise you get a customer relationship management system, or a CRM for short, and start tracking things starting today.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got one customer or a hundred customers, every single customer should feel special and should think that you care at the highest level about them.

The more details you know about them, the better you can serve them, and the more they feel like you care. Even down to the things like remembering that they’ve just had a holiday, or their anniversary is coming up.

It’s the fact you know holidays, birthdays, anniversaries things like that, that are not business-related, but they build the personal relationship with each person.

So I highly advise you check it out,
This is the system that we use. It’s super affodable, it’s actually in euros but it’s €14.40 per user.

It allows me to track my outbound phone calls, my emails, as they go in and out and it puts them all together neatly, so that I can see what communication I’ve had, how much time I’ve spent and it allows me to track any conversations that are actually discussing business deals.

It also gives me an overview of how far through the process we are with each person.
You can set up your actions to suit you too.

In ours, if I made a phone call to someone who’s one of our clients, that we’re working with, when I finish that phone call not only would it have tracked how long I’ve spent on the phone call, it would then prompt me – like a PA to say what’s the follow-up action?

That’s one of the clinchers – a lot of people don’t set those next actions and those next follow-ups.

So it does that for you and obviously, that then adds an entry into my calendar, which means it gives me the prompt and the reminder as that next task comes up to make sure I don’t miss it.

Then obviously as I complete it, I can tick it and I can make notes against it.

So finishing a phone call, it was tracked for how long it was, asked me to make notes on it and then it asks me to set another action to ensure we follow up.

Same with the emails going in and out. It puts those into the system as well and puts them against the customer and relevant deals, so you could just look at the customer file, and see the communication you’ve had, so you can always go back over it later with your team.
It also removes the risk of where we now stand.

With so many different places to communicate, you can use all of these, but your CRM will be one place to go to see all of the conversations that you’ve had with them that matter.

So if you haven’t got one and you want to talk about it, please do reach out. I would love to have a conversation further with you.

Obviously this is #8at8, it’s 8 minutes of knowledge. I’m just coming up to the eight minutes now, so I’m gonna wrap it up. But if you haven’t got one I would HIGHLY advise getting a CRM, (customer relationship management system).

You don’t have to get complicated with it, start off basic and then you can build it out as you need to later.

There’s some that are all fully automated and do all sorts of amazing things, but this is just about getting started and having a clear focus to get results that are predictable and consistent!

Start paying attention to the small details and see the amazing work, and the amazing relationship building that happens within your business.

Thanks a lot I’ve been Tristan Griffiths, #ImTristanG this is #8at8, make sure you follow the hashtag on whichever platform you’re reading on for more knowledge at eight o’clock for eight minutes about something to help you with your business, personal life or relationships.