I want to talk to you about feedback reviews and testimonials.

For those of you don’t know me I’m Tristan Griffiths the Chief Innovation Officer it’s ItsNomad9 you can find me across all the socials as @ImTristanG I would love to connect with you wherever you prefer to spend time.

I wonder if it strikes the fear of God into you every time you get some feedback, reviews or testimonials?

You might get it on an email, you might get notifications from social platforms but why why is it something that’s scary?

One thing that’s most important in a business is feedback, reviews and testimonials. – Tristan Griffiths

It is super important to find out what the customer experience is really like. We can always wax lyrical about what we think the customer experience will be like. We might have been through it ourselves, but everybody has a different take on things. If just two people go through the same experience they will actually have a different take on it. So it’s important that you are open to getting testimonials, feedback and reviews.

Feedback and reviews are really important. You need to make it easy for people to give you feedback and reviews.

Ideally you want the feedback, before you get the reviews, because you don’t want bad feedback to end up online as it can damage your reputation.

NB If you’re not sure about reputation management, there’s a whole section about this across all of my socials and on ImTristanG.com please do go and have a look at that because it is a really important part of your business. Make sure you’re looking after your reputation.

What I want to talk about though is the fact that if you’re not getting feedback, it’s not giving you the opportunity to improve and enhance your products and your services. It’s doing a disservice to your business or brand because what people’s experience is of your business or brand is the best way to improve and to hone what you can then provide to future customers.

Everyone’s experience is different and you need to get a fair sample of this feedback. – Tristan Griffiths 

If you’re getting good feedback, make sure that you’re driving it through to becoming reviews.

Reviews become social proof on social media, that means when people are looking and comparing you to other businesses and brands that they could be working with, you are allowing them a fair opportunity to see what the experience has been like for existing customers.

Just this week I’ve been sending some testimonials that we’ve had, some video testimonials, over to a new potential client. What this does is it allows me to not me to talk about my business, but allows people that we’re already working with to actually say what their experience of working with us has been like.

A video testimonial is obviously the most powerful way we can get these, because you can see and hear what that person’s intent is. You can hear what their experience has been like, and it’s been a great opportunity for them to share how we operate as a business and what that customer experience is like now.

If you can’t get these as a video format, then second best is audio, and other than that reviews online via social media provide strong social proof too.

I talk all the time about reputation management about making sure that you’re getting the feedback up as social proof online, and the customers doing that themselves rather than you quoting them and putting it on your website.

The best thing you can do is to get them to do it on your social channels, and embed those reviews into your site. That is more powerful than some words on a website. I could write anything on a website right now, it doesn’t make it true! If someone else is writing it, then it makes it more believable, and has more impact on the people who are reading the content and making decisions about working with you.

So be open to feedback, testimonials and reviews – Encourage them! – Tristan Griffiths

The process is, first thing you need is the feedback, so that you can develop, improve, grow and address any problems. Then if you’re getting good feedback, what you want to do is encourage those people to leave reviews.

You can find that there is a whole section on how to do this through our website it’s ItsNomad9.com/getreviews

There is a whole article on how to get those reviews as social proof online both on Facebook and Google, and the principle works across other platforms too. Then once you’ve got that, as well as reviews, if you can get testimonials too – this is people going over and above. This is just like turning your raving fans into advocates, where they are proactively talking about your business.

There’s nothing wrong in asking someone to give you good feedback in a video format. – Tristan Griffiths

Some people won’t be comfortable with it, and they will politely decline, but if you don’t ask the answer will always be no!

It’s very rare that people take it upon themselves to go and proactively do that. Now if you’ve provided an amazing experience you might find that you get some of this already, however encouraging it and and asking for it can actually be a really powerful way to grow your business or brand online.

Just to recap, you need to be open to reviews, feedbacks and testimonials. If you are not you’re doing a disservice to your business and brand and you’re not giving yourself a fair opportunity to build based on existing customer experiences

I’ve been Tristan Griffiths from ItsNomad9 you can find me online as @ImTristanG across all of the social channels.

Absolutely love to have a conversation with you about good and bad experiences you’ve had. A good experiences your business or your brand has had with customers. Remember that bad reviews and bad feedback are not the worst thing in the world, they’re simply an opportunity to improve!

If you’ve had any bad feedback or any bad reviews, I would love to have a conversation with you either in the comments or privately so that I can help you to realise that it is an opportunity for you to grow as a business and to improve your service for future customers. I can also share with you some techniques that you can use right now to improve, to respond and to deal with those situations that are happening right now online about your business or brand. So please do reach out if you find yourself in that situation, and as always if you found this useful please do share it, you never know who in your community might need to hear this message today.

Tristan Griffiths
Chief Innovation Officer