I’m going to share with you why I refer to ItsNomad9 as a digital media agency rather than a social media agency.

For those of you who have never met me before I’m Tristan Griffiths, you can find me as @ImTristanG across all of the social channels.

Today I want to talk to you about why I refer to ItsNomad9 as a digital media agency rather than a social media agency.

Social media agencies have been popping up left right and centre since the rise of all the platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest – you name it they’re coming up fast! I just wanted to really focus in on why we’re digital agency rather than a social media agency. All these pop up social media agencies that have arrived, and there are all these experts. There are people who are sharing ‘how to’ do social media, running accounts and creating content for people.

I believe that it needs to run much deeper than that, and as a full scale digital agency ItsNomad9 actually focuses in on way more than just the social platforms, the algorithm changes, what’s going on with the user interface, the customer experience.

We dig right down into how your business appears across the whole digital landscape.

That goes way beyond social media. That goes way beyond what’s happening with each individual platform and the content that you’re putting out. It actually looks right down to the whole customer experience. Wherever they can interact with you in the digital space –  that is our remit!

As well as learning how to create great and compelling content, and how to best manage your social media channels, but also digs right down to such basic things as a reputation management.

If you’ve never heard the phrase before I’m going to talk about it in more depth in another piece of content, but right now I just want you to understand – It’s what people are saying about you online, what they are thinking about you – because of the experience they have with any of your content, or what other people are saying all affect your reputation.

It’s important that you are listening to what people are saying and that you’re turning up where they are talking about you. You don’t get to decide anymore where those conversations happen. The influence of the consumer is more powerful than ever, and they get to say where conversations happen, what the tone of those conversations are, and it’s your job as a business to engage with them where they are. But also to relate to them on their level.

That means you need to keep an eye on things such as reviews, that might be popping up on sites that you haven’t even registered on, or set yourself up on. For example let’s look at Facebook. Within the Facebook platform there are places that have been created simply based on the number of people checking in and saying they were in a specific location. Once someone said they have checked in, other people can check in at that place as well, and that might also carry your business name and brand.

Now you may see why it’s so important that you’re aware if something like that happens, so that you can be there and you can be responding to what people are saying about you too.  It’s super important to be responding rather than reacting.

Reacting gives a whole emphasis around it’s very quick and you’re jumping on it and you’re dealing with it straightaway as it happens. Now the speed at which you deal with it is important, but it has to be with reflection, and you have to respond in a professional and predictable way.  People are shaken by the instability of things. When you appear online you have to be looking at everything that you’re doing.

You have to stay consistent with the tone of voice of your business and your brand.
You have to have consistency across your user names.
You have to make it easy for people in a world where we’re bombarded with so much information, it’s really important, in fact more important than ever, to make the customer journey as easy and as enjoyable for them as possible.

Therefore you should always put yourself in your customers shoes and think what would my experience be like on this digital journey with my own company? That includes everything from being able to find you through search, to looking at the reviews that people are leaving, both on the platforms you are on, and that you are aware of, and also in other places where there might be syndicated listings from what you’ve already put up. There are a number of websites that read and scrape data from the internet and recreate content from that data.

Within the event space one of these is Evensi – Basically if you list anything on an events website, it reads it and re-publishes it elsewhere. Which in turn means people can be having a conversation where you are not spending time! So you need to be aware of this.

As a digital media agency we help people with their reputation management by doing things such as social listening. That is setting up tools, setting up platforms and processes so that we can see what people are saying about your business, your brand and all the keywords relevant to you personally and your business or brand. We do this so that we can get involved in those conversations and also so we can thwart anything where anyone is trying to damage your reputation. But we can also praise and engage with those people who are praising you, and that’s really important! It’s nearly as important as dealing with the bad, and situations that happening online. When you engage with those people, what you’re doing is you are building a further relationship with them. You are actually expanding out from just someone who might be a raving fan about what you do, and once you move them from being a raving fan into being an advocate they start to tell other people about you. They start to proactively go out and help you build your business and brand.


You can look for a social media agency, or you can look for a full scale digital agency who looks a little bit deeper into everything about your business online.

It’s important to be on social media and have it well managed with content out there, but you can do this yourself. However working with someone who’s a professional in this space, will make sure that you are appearing as professional as you possibly can be on every platform.

Don’t just appear online, spend time build community and connect with those people to build your reputation, protect your reputation and make sure that you’re showing up where your customers do.

I’ve been Tristan Griffiths from its ItsNomad9 – If you want to have a conversation about how we might be able to help you, please do reach out via any of the links around this content, and I would love to help you to make sure that you’re protecting your reputation and building your business online through digital starting today.

If you found this content useful, please do share it as you never know who in your community might need to hear it today.

Tristan Griffiths
Chief Innovation Officer 

PS – Remember to drive traffic to your own OWNED properties like your website, as social media is also ‘borrowed land’ and you are at the mercy of those running each social media platform!