I want to share a quick message with you today about the importance of staying on brand and consistent.

For those of you don’t know me I’m Tristan Griffiths Chief Innovation Officer at ItsNomad9 digital media agency, and you can find me across all the socials as @ImTristanG

One of the big things that people make a mistake with is that they don’t tend to set brand guidelines as they start to build a business or a brand online. It’s a very fast-paced digital world that we live in, and people are quite often building as they grow, and they’re not actually consistently building things in the same way. So they might be giving different messages on different platforms, they might not be keeping the right fonts, the right colours, the right tone of voice across their social content.

Their website might be written in a very formal way, and their social media might be very fun and playful because the people handling each of those within an organisation might be different.

From a customer perspective, people are unsettled by by not having consistency, so if things are irregular and if things don’t feel like they’re connected and the same it can actually be unsettling for customers. – Tristan Griffiths 

Have a look at whether you are staying on brand and staying consistent. Are all of your pieces of content looking the same, feeling the same, sounding the same? Because that gives a real stability and reassurance to your customers and people consuming your content online.

This applies to online and offline.

If I have an amazing experience with you online, and then I attend your business premises, (if you have one), I expect a similar service when I get there. If I don’t get it, this then becomes unsettling.

Likewise the other way around. If I have an amazing experience in a premises, and then I go to contact them online and I get no response, a bad response or a very different response – it’s again unsettling and feels disingenuous, so make sure that you’re staying on brand by setting up your brand guidelines.

These include everything. Like I said its colours, fonts, is tone of voice, and it’s about what is acceptable to post.

Within our organisation we have words that we don’t use – which sounds really convoluted, to do it as things you don’t do, but it’s really important to us that how we talk about things is important too. Here at ItsNomad9 we’re a ‘team‘ – we don’t have ‘staff‘ – we have ‘team members.’ For us that’s really important, because it’s a core part of our culture, to respect everybody else. Because whilst we all have different roles to play, we actually need to respect that everybody’s role in the business plays it’s part in the bigger picture.

So within your business and brand what words are acceptable and what words are not acceptable? How are you talking and what tone are you using?

Just a quick message today, I wanted to share about staying on brand and staying consistent.

I’ve already talked in other content about how you need to be consistent with your online profiles, and getting your user names or access to all of your profiles all set up right, so if you haven’t seen that please do go and find that content. The easiest place to find it will be on ImTristanG.com

Just like I said, it’s all about staying consistent. Stay on brand, stay consistent, and the easiest way to do that is to document what is and isn’t okay, and to stick to those guidelines. It also allows you as you grow as a business. For other people to come in and also to stay consistent with the same core values about how you deliver your message, and how you engage in every interaction with your customers to reassure them and make sure that they are having the best experience they can with you your business and your brand.

Again I’ve been Tristan Griffiths, find me as @ImTristanG across all the socials.

I would love to have a conversation with you around the topic of staying on brand and staying consistent. If you’ve got any questions please do leave them in the comments or hit me up privately on whichever social platform you feel most comfortable.

Look forward to helping you again soon.

Tristan Griffiths
Chief Innovation Officer