I’m going to talk to you about a common problem with social media and that is getting set up right.

For those of you don’t know me I’m Tristan Griffiths and you can find me as @ImTristanG across all of the socials, so please do connect with me wherever you most like to spend time online.

Today is all about getting set up right. So many people have got a presence on social media, and they might have just set it up themselves. They might have been and got advice. They might have grown their business and appeared on all the platforms as they’ve grown, and as new platforms have popped up in the digital landscape.

It’s so fast-paced and changing so quickly that you need to stay on top of things, and you need to be set up right!

You need to go back and look; Do your profiles fairly represent the things that you’re currently doing, or are they things that you wrote weeks, months or even years ago?

Have a look at the links that you’ve got out there on your profiles?
Are they still going to the things that are your main focus for your business now?

As your business grows and develops, so your social channels need to as well. It’s really important that you invest time into your social media, and your overall digital media presence, which includes your websites, business listings and review sites.

Make sure that you’re actually fairly representing yourself, because if you’re not, you are doing yourself a disservice!

The number one problem that I see with how people set their social media channels up is they’re not making it easy for their customers to find them! – Tristan Griffiths 

If you haven’t had the advice, and you’re already set up you might already find yourself in this situation.

Go and take a look at all your social media channels, and see if they all have the same username?
If they don’t, you are actually complicating the process for your customers!
But don’t worry, I’ve got a solution for you.

If you have set this up with all different usernames, because you didn’t know, that’s okay – but let’s make it easy for customers. Let’s try and fix the problem for them. Let’s make it really easy.

The number one place you want to send people for all engagements and all interactions, given the choice, is your own website!

There are many reasons for this, however the main one is simply because it is your own owned content.

If you’re sending people to social media you are at the mercy of the social media gods! – Tristan Griffiths

Remember, they get to choose about the algorithms, what’s visible, what’s not, whether you’ve got to pay to be seen, or organic reach is still working! You are completely at their mercy!

If you can drive people to your website, not only can you fully control the customer experience, but you also get to do things like retargeting and you get to lower your advertising costs when re-engaging with people already showing an interest in what you do.

When you’re doing that, make sure that if we’re looking at the social channels and driving people to connect with you in different places you grow your visibility and to your social audience. This will help you start to drive towards raving fans and brand advocates (which if you haven’t already seen there’s some content on this account all about that as well)

I want you to have a look at this, and if you’ve got your own website why don’t you set up a redirect to your social channels?

For example right here on ImTristanG.com you can actually use forward slash and put in the channel that you want to connect to.

I’ve made it easy, because my username is the same across all different channels is @ImTristanG across all of the socials, however if it wasn’t set up like that, I could just say go into ImTristanG.com forward slash your favourite social channel and connect with me there.

What it would then do, is act as an automatic redirect to that profile. So for example ImTristanG.com/Instagram would take you directly to my Instagram account. Likewise ImTristanG.com/Snapchat would take you straight across, and if you’ve got Snapchat installed, it would take you straight in to add me as a friend on Snapchat, otherwise it would drive you to try and download the app.

So you get the idea. I’m making it easy for people to connect with me, wherever they’re choosing to. So if your usernames aren’t the same and you haven’t got the opportunity to update them, (which you can on the some profiles and you can’t on others), if you can’t then why not look at on your website and setting up redirects. This will allow people to go straight to them really easily without them to guess what your username is or to do complicated search and workout from different profiles available to connect with.

Make it as easy as possible for your customers and your followers and fans to engage with you where they want to on social media. Getting set up right is really important, because it’s all a major part of the customer experience.

If it’s complicated, then you’re gonna drive people away from engaging with you.

Yesterday I had a conversation with a good friend of mine Steven J Nelson about how he consumed some content on Facebook that was intended to drive someone their YouTube account. He literally searched and couldn’t find it, so what looks like a clever piece of marketing actually backfired. In the basic fact that it became a frustration and an annoyance, that didn’t get him to where he was meant to end up.

Now hear me out, that I’m not saying it had to be a link, because it was a clever go find this, but actually – if it’s not easy to find that person, they hadn’t really through through or tested the whole customer experience.

So think through your customer experience and make sure you’re set up right so allow people to connect with you across social however they want to. – Tristan Griffiths

Again recapping if you haven’t setup your usernames to be the same across all the different socials, then this is a quick hack you can use. Simply use a redirect from your website to something like forward slash the platform name (eg /Facebook) and redirect it to whatever your current username is that you’ve already invested time in.

That’s a quick win for you.

If you think someone else might need to hear this or even if you’re not sure, please do share this with your community.

Thank you for being a part of my community and I look forward to helping you. If you need some advice around how to set this up with the redirects on your website, or you want to discuss something else about this, or you’ve got an idea for some content you’d love to know more about and you’d like me to cover, please do leave a comment or reach and connect with me. As I said  you can connect with me across all the socials as @ImTristanG.

I look forward to engaging with you more have a fantastic day.

Tristan Griffiths
Chief Innovation Officer